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Brianna Hildebrand

Is Brianna Hildebrand Gay? Yup.

I’m surprised at how many people don’t already know this, but yes, Marvel actress Brianna Hildebrand is gay. There are many articles and interviews with her in which she discusses being a young, gay Hollywood actress.

Part of the confusion in Brianna’s story is that when she first arrived in Hollywood, she was already openly gay, but her publicists offered to help her keep that fact hidden. This was a gesture she clearly refused. Here’s what she had to say, according to the IntoMore article:

“I remember going to a few different publicists and that being on the forefront of their mind, like ‘How would you like to go about this? We can keep this under wraps, if that’s what you would like,’” she divulged. “It just kind of surprised me a little bit because I was like, ‘I didn’t suggest that.’

Who is Brianna Hildebrand?

Not even sure who this gay Hollywood actress is? Brianna Hildebrand is pretty new on the scene, but she’s best known for appearing in both of the Marvel Deadpool movies. She plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the tough-as-nails and also gay superhero who is in a relationship with another gay superhero, Yukio.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Brianna has appeared in several movies besides the Deadpool films. She also plays a lesbian in the movie, First Girl I Loved.

According to IMDB, she’s due to appear in two upcoming movies, Runt and Persephone.



Moss Covered Rock

Storm of Haiku

I love haiku. Even more, I love randomly generated haiku. Like the kind you can make with Python, a programming language that I am busy learning.

Check this out: Japanese researchers are making AI that can generate haiku just by analyzing images.

Here is some randomly generated haiku from Python, courtesy of the Buzzfeed Haiku Generator.

On Frame Journey From
Stealing The Packers Getting
Hit Your Heart Burst Así

People Not The Guys
The Unparalleled Joy To
Beautiful Brides Who

A 5th Grade Football
As Models And Honeymoon
Paid Homage To Them

Your Grandma Will Find
Most Explicit Children’s Book
About Canada

Cats It When Playing
With Marco Rubio’s Mormon
Basketball Changed Since

Dance For Finals Week
Who Wanted Fifteen Online
Fifteen Random Things

Photo Dave Brubeck
Take It Thirty-four Struggles
When Pinterest nos

Other A Delayed
By Pokémon Porn Searches That
Wasn’t How YouTube

And Beyond Is Yelp
Evil Prank Glenn Beck Loses
It s Christmas Eve

An NYC Train Raptors
With Awesome Real Places To
Modeling This Dad’s

What Will Read A Man’s
Poem About Each Of Wine
http t Out By Sharing

Put To Hug Bono
Was Spotted Around Her Brain
Atari Teenage

Kid Online The Chief
VIDEO Seventeen Veces
en Instagram está


Kickass Torrents

Finding Some Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Kickass torrents was once the 69th most visited website on the internet, which is pretty impressive. But recently, it all came crumbling down for kickass when Apple Inc. lodged complaints against Artem Vaulin, the owner. Apple Inc. wanted the identity and information of a user who had downloaded an ITunes music album through KAT.

Mr. Vaulin was arrested in Poland and the KAT website domains were sized and taken offline.

While KAT was an instrumental avenue for torrent download, there are other websites that you can still get the service. Below, we are going to look at how to keep yourself safe while downloading torrents and kickass torrent alternatives.

Herein are a few of the safety tips when you’re looking to torrent files;

Check out the comments section

The internet is great for sharing pictures, music and all other kinds of files, but, it’s also a great source of information. You can utilize the comments section to tell you more than just the quality of the file you wish to download. More often than not, people who downloaded the files prior to you will have something to say. If for instance, you see comments warning about downloading the torrent, steer clear off it.

Use a Virtual Private Network

If you can, purchase a VPN. What this will do is hide your IP address, making it difficult for anyone to find your identity or locale. You can purchase a VPN, but ensure you check for its credibility as there have been reported cases of users still getting warning emails despite using a VPN.

Shun the prevalent torrents

It’s enticing to pick the most downloaded torrent. True, this may be the best in terms of quality, but keep in mind that the most downloaded torrent is also the most monitored. You risk receiving warning emails if you choose the top layer torrent. The best way is to go lower on the list, look for a torrent that doesn’t have quite as many downloads while still maintaining quality. If that isn’t an applicable solution, then ensure you have a VPN.

Do not respond

If you get an intimidating letter and/or email, do not respond to it. If you react to the email or letter, you will confirm your existence and your concern. You also admit that you are the person targeted by the said email, therefore accepting responsibility. Since they send a large number of mail, nearly all of the ignored ones die down.

Now that you know how to keep yourself safe while downloading torrents, let’s look at a few alternatives and you can get downloading.

ExtraTorrent has gained popularity amidst the torrent communities after alleged rumors that it was the home to the ETRG and EETV release groups. ExtraTorrent has a wide range database that offers movies, TV shows, games, books and more.

ExtraTorrent is a great alternate to KAT as it has an appealing and user-friendly interface that eases your work. It also has an FAQ tab to help you with navigation of the site.

Unfortunately, just as I was writing this, it looks like ExtraTorrent was shut down. Permanently.

Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound is not as popular as KAT or ExtraTorrent, nonetheless, it is a great alternate for all torrent lovers. It offers great results when looking for the latest movies and the TV series shows.


Isohunt comes as a great substitute to KAT as it offers downloaders with solutions to maximize their privacy while downloading files. Apart from their massive torrent library, they also have a community that you can sign up to and be involved in the group’s discussions.

It comes highly recommended for music and book lovers.


It offers a great alternative to KAT, but you shouldn’t confuse it with the more popular YIFY or YTF group. The official YTF and YIFY group owners have been categorical in separating themselves from the YTS.AG domain.

YTS.AG offers all categories of YIFY torrents in 720P, 1080P and 3D qualities using YTS movie torrents.

The Pirate Bay

TBP suffered the same case as that KAT is currently facing, but was able to make a comeback in early 2015. The return saw a better service and more torrents. It hosts a huge library in comparison to other alternatives but doesn’t quite match kickass torrents’ library.

You can also check out KAT clones. Such include;,, and

And remember to observe the safety rules while downloading any torrents.

James Joyce

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Today is the 100th anniversary of the publishing of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. It was his first novel and I remember struggling through it in high school.

The protagonist of the novel is Stephen Dedalus and the novel traces his religious and intellectual awakening. Joyce is probably more famous for two of his other novels, Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake, both published much later.

Custom Cowboy Boots

Custom Cowboy Boots

If you wear cowboy boots for any length of time like I do, then you know that the only way to go is custom. You might not have the patience to watch this entire video, clocking in at just under 19 minutes in length, but it gives you a ton of detail of what goes into the process of creating custom cowboy boots.

I Have a Dream Speech

Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech – in Pig Latin

I recently published a post showing what Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence would have looked like if it was written in Jive. For fun, I took one of the most famous speeches in history, Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech and translated it into Pig Latin.

Take a look…

Iyay amyay appyhay otay oinjay ithway youay odaytay inyay atwhay illway ogay ownday inyay istoryhay asyay ethay eatestgray emonstrationday orfay eedomfray inyay ethay istoryhay ofyay ouryay ationnay.

Ivefay orescay yearsay agoyay, ayay eatgray Americanyay, inyay osewhay ymbolicsay adowshay eway andstay odaytay, ignedsay ethay Emancipationyay Oclamationpray. Isthay omentousmay ecreeday amecay asyay ayay eatgray eaconbay ightlay ofyay opehay otay illionsmay ofyay Egronay avesslay owhay adhay eenbay earedsay inyay ethay amesflay ofyay itheringway injusticeyay. Ityay amecay asyay ayay oyousjay aybreakday otay endyay ethay onglay ightnay ofyay eirthay aptivitycay.

Utbay oneyay undredhay yearsay aterlay, ethay Egronay illstay isyay otnay eefray. Oneyay undredhay yearsay aterlay, ethay ifelay ofyay ethay Egronay isyay illstay adlysay ippledcray ybay ethay anaclesmay ofyay egregationsay andyay ethay ainschay ofyay iscriminationday. Oneyay undredhay yearsay aterlay, ethay Egronay iveslay onyay ayay onelylay islandyay ofyay overtypay inyay ethay idstmay ofyay ayay astvay oceanyay ofyay aterialmay osperitypray. Oneyay undredhay yearsay aterlay, ethay Egronay isyay illstay anguishedlay inyay ethay ornerscay ofyay Americanyay ocietysay andyay indsfay imselfhay anyay exileyay inyay ishay ownyay andlay. Andyay osay e’veway omecay erehay odaytay otay amatizedray ayay amefulshay onditioncay.

Inyay ayay ensesay e’veway omecay otay ouryay ation’snay apitalcay otay ashcay ayay eckchay. Enwhay ethay architectsyay ofyay ouryay epublicray otewray ethay agnificentmay ordsway ofyay ethay Onstitutioncay andyay ethay Eclarationday ofyay Independenceyay, eythay ereway igningsay ayay omissorypray otenay otay ichwhay everyyay Americanyay asway otay allfay eirhay. Isthay otenay asway ayay omisepray atthay allyay enmay, yesay, ackblay enmay asyay ellway asyay itewhay enmay, ouldway ebay uaranteedgay ethay “unalienableyay Ightsray” ofyay “Ifelay, Ibertylay andyay ethay ursuitpay ofyay Appinesshay.” Ityay isyay obviousyay odaytay atthay Americayay ashay efaultedday onyay isthay omissorypray otenay, insofaryay asyay erhay itizenscay ofyay olorcay areyay oncernedcay. Insteadyay ofyay onoringhay isthay acredsay obligationyay, Americayay ashay ivengay ethay Egronay eoplepay ayay adbay eckchay, ayay eckchay ichwhay ashay omecay ackbay arkedmay “insufficientyay undsfay.”

Utbay eway efuseray otay elievebay atthay ethay ankbay ofyay usticejay isyay ankruptbay. Eway efuseray otay elievebay atthay erethay areyay insufficientyay undsfay inyay ethay eatgray aultsvay ofyay opportunityyay ofyay isthay ationnay. Andyay osay, e’veway omecay otay ashcay isthay eckchay, ayay eckchay atthay illway ivegay usyay uponyay emandday ethay ichesray ofyay eedomfray andyay ethay ecuritysay ofyay usticejay.

Eway avehay alsoyay omecay otay isthay allowedhay otspay otay emindray Americayay ofyay ethay iercefay urgencyyay ofyay Ownay. Isthay isyay onay imetay otay engageyay inyay ethay uxurylay ofyay oolingcay offyay oryay otay aketay ethay anquilizingtray ugdray ofyay adualismgray. Ownay isyay ethay imetay otay akemay ealray ethay omisespray ofyay emocracyday. Ownay isyay ethay imetay otay iseray omfray ethay arkday andyay esolateday alleyvay ofyay egregationsay otay ethay unlitsay athpay ofyay acialray usticejay. Ownay isyay ethay imetay otay iftlay ouryay ationnay omfray ethay uicksandsqay ofyay acialray injusticeyay otay ethay olidsay ockray ofyay otherhoodbray. Ownay isyay ethay imetay otay akemay usticejay ayay ealityray orfay allyay ofyay Od’sgay ildrenchay.

Ityay ouldway ebay atalfay orfay ethay ationnay otay overlookyay ethay urgencyyay ofyay ethay omentmay. Isthay elteringsway ummersay ofyay ethay Egro’snay egitimatelay iscontentday illway otnay asspay untilyay erethay isyay anyay invigoratingyay autumnyay ofyay eedomfray andyay equalityyay. Ineteennay ixty-threesay isyay otnay anyay endyay, utbay ayay eginningbay. Andyay osethay owhay opehay atthay ethay Egronay eedednay otay owblay offyay eamstay andyay illway ownay ebay ontentcay illway avehay ayay uderay awakeningyay ifyay ethay ationnay eturnsray otay usinessbay asyay usualyay. Andyay erethay illway ebay eithernay estray ornay anquilitytray inyay Americayay untilyay ethay Egronay isyay antedgray ishay itizenshipcay ightsray. Ethay irlwindswhay ofyay evoltray illway ontinuecay otay akeshay ethay oundationsfay ofyay ouryay ationnay untilyay ethay ightbray ayday ofyay usticejay emergesyay.

Utbay erethay isyay omethingsay atthay Iyay ustmay aysay otay ymay eoplepay, owhay andstay onyay ethay armway esholdthray ichwhay eadslay intoyay ethay alacepay ofyay usticejay: Inyay ethay ocesspray ofyay aininggay ouryay ightfulray aceplay, eway ustmay otnay ebay uiltygay ofyay ongfulwray eedsday. Etlay usyay otnay eeksay otay atisfysay ouryay irstthay orfay eedomfray ybay inkingdray omfray ethay upcay ofyay itternessbay andyay atredhay. Eway ustmay oreverfay onductcay ouryay ugglestray onyay ethay ighhay aneplay ofyay ignityday andyay isciplineday. Eway ustmay otnay allowyay ouryay eativecray otestpray otay egenerateday intoyay ysicalphay iolencevay. Againyay andyay againyay, eway ustmay iseray otay ethay ajesticmay eightshay ofyay eetingmay ysicalphay orcefay ithway oulsay orcefay.

Ethay arvelousmay ewnay ilitancymay ichwhay ashay engulfedyay ethay Egronay ommunitycay ustmay otnay eadlay usyay otay ayay istrustday ofyay allyay itewhay eoplepay, orfay anymay ofyay ouryay itewhay othersbray, asyay evidencedyay ybay eirthay esencepray erehay odaytay, avehay omecay otay ealizeray atthay eirthay estinyday isyay iedtay upyay ithway ouryay estinyday. Andyay eythay avehay omecay otay ealizeray atthay eirthay eedomfray isyay inextricablyyay oundbay otay ouryay eedomfray.

Eway annotcay alkway aloneyay.

Andyay asyay eway alkway, eway ustmay akemay ethay edgeplay atthay eway allshay alwaysyay archmay aheadyay.

Eway annotcay urntay ackbay.

Erethay areyay osethay owhay areyay askingyay ethay evoteesday ofyay ivilcay ightsray, “Enwhay illway youay ebay atisfiedsay?” Eway ancay evernay ebay atisfiedsay asyay onglay asyay ethay Egronay isyay ethay ictimvay ofyay ethay unspeakableyay orrorshay ofyay olicepay utalitybray. Eway ancay evernay ebay atisfiedsay asyay onglay asyay ouryay odiesbay, eavyhay ithway ethay atiguefay ofyay aveltray, annotcay aingay odginglay inyay ethay otelsmay ofyay ethay ighwayshay andyay ethay otelshay ofyay ethay itiescay. Eway annotcay ebay atisfiedsay asyay onglay asyay ethay egro’snay asicbay obilitymay isyay omfray ayay allersmay ettoghay otay ayay argerlay oneyay. Eway ancay evernay ebay atisfiedsay asyay onglay asyay ouryay ildrenchay areyay ippedstray ofyay eirthay elf-hoodsay andyay obbedray ofyay eirthay ignityday ybay ignssay atingstay: “Orfay Iteswhay Onlyyay.” Eway annotcay ebay atisfiedsay asyay onglay asyay ayay Egronay inyay Ississippimay annotcay otevay andyay ayay Egronay inyay Ewnay Yorkay elievesbay ehay ashay othingnay orfay ichwhay otay otevay. Onay, onay, eway areyay otnay atisfiedsay, andyay eway illway otnay ebay atisfiedsay untilyay “usticejay ollsray ownday ikelay atersway, andyay ighteousnessray ikelay ayay ightymay eamstray.”

Iyay amyay otnay unmindfulyay atthay omesay ofyay youay avehay omecay erehay outyay ofyay eatgray ialstray andyay ibulationstray. Omesay ofyay youay avehay omecay eshfray omfray arrownay ailjay ellscay. Andyay omesay ofyay youay avehay omecay omfray areasyay erewhay youray uestqay — uestqay orfay eedomfray eftlay youay atteredbay ybay ethay ormsstay ofyay ersecutionpay andyay aggeredstay ybay ethay indsway ofyay olicepay utalitybray. Youay avehay eenbay ethay eteransvay ofyay eativecray ufferingsay. Ontinuecay otay orkway ithway ethay aithfay atthay unearnedyay ufferingsay isyay edemptiveray. Ogay ackbay otay Ississippimay, ogay ackbay otay Alabamayay, ogay ackbay otay Outhsay Arolinacay, ogay ackbay otay Eorgiagay, ogay ackbay otay Ouisianalay, ogay ackbay otay ethay umsslay andyay ettosghay ofyay ouryay orthernnay itiescay, owingknay atthay omehowsay isthay ituationsay ancay andyay illway ebay angedchay.

Etlay usyay otnay allowway inyay ethay alleyvay ofyay espairday, Iyay aysay otay youay odaytay, ymay iendsfray.

Andyay osay evenyay oughthay eway acefay ethay ifficultiesday ofyay odaytay andyay omorrowtay, Iyay illstay avehay ayay eamdray. Ityay isyay ayay eamdray eeplyday ootedray inyay ethay Americanyay eamdray.

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray atthay oneyay ayday isthay ationnay illway iseray upyay andyay ivelay outyay ethay uetray eaningmay ofyay itsyay eedcray: “Eway oldhay esethay uthstray otay ebay elf-evidentsay, atthay allyay enmay areyay eatedcray equalyay.”

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray atthay oneyay ayday onyay ethay edray illshay ofyay Eorgiagay, ethay onssay ofyay ormerfay avesslay andyay ethay onssay ofyay ormerfay aveslay ownersyay illway ebay ableyay otay itsay ownday ogethertay atyay ethay abletay ofyay otherhoodbray.

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray atthay oneyay ayday evenyay ethay atestay ofyay Ississippimay, ayay atestay elteringsway ithway ethay eathay ofyay injusticeyay, elteringsway ithway ethay eathay ofyay oppressionyay, illway ebay ansformedtray intoyay anyay oasisyay ofyay eedomfray andyay usticejay.

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray atthay ymay ourfay ittlelay ildrenchay illway oneyay ayday ivelay inyay ayay ationnay erewhay eythay illway otnay ebay udgedjay ybay ethay olorcay ofyay eirthay inskay utbay ybay ethay ontentcay ofyay eirthay aracterchay.

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray odaytay!

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray atthay oneyay ayday, ownday inyay Alabamayay, ithway itsyay iciousvay acistsray, ithway itsyay overnorgay avinghay ishay ipslay ippingdray ithway ethay ordsway ofyay “interpositionyay” andyay “ullificationnay” — oneyay ayday ightray erethay inyay Alabamayay ittlelay ackblay oysbay andyay ackblay irlsgay illway ebay ableyay otay oinjay andshay ithway ittlelay itewhay oysbay andyay itewhay irlsgay asyay isterssay andyay othersbray.

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray odaytay!

Iyay avehay ayay eamdray atthay oneyay ayday everyyay alleyvay allshay ebay exaltedyay, andyay everyyay illhay andyay ountainmay allshay ebay ademay owlay, ethay oughray acesplay illway ebay ademay ainplay, andyay ethay ookedcray acesplay illway ebay ademay aightstray; “andyay ethay oryglay ofyay ethay Ordlay allshay ebay evealedray andyay allyay eshflay allshay eesay ityay ogethertay.”

Isthay isyay ouryay opehay, andyay isthay isyay ethay aithfay atthay Iyay ogay ackbay otay ethay Outhsay ithway.

Ithway isthay aithfay, eway illway ebay ableyay otay ewhay outyay ofyay ethay ountainmay ofyay espairday ayay onestay ofyay opehay. Ithway isthay aithfay, eway illway ebay ableyay otay ansformtray ethay anglingjay iscordsday ofyay ouryay ationnay intoyay ayay eautifulbay ymphonysay ofyay otherhoodbray. Ithway isthay aithfay, eway illway ebay ableyay otay orkway ogethertay, otay aypray ogethertay, otay ugglestray ogethertay, otay ogay otay ailjay ogethertay, otay andstay upyay orfay eedomfray ogethertay, owingknay atthay eway illway ebay eefray oneyay ayday.

Andyay isthay illway ebay ethay ayday — isthay illway ebay ethay ayday enwhay allyay ofyay Od’sgay ildrenchay illway ebay ableyay otay ingsay ithway ewnay eaningmay:

Ymay ountrycay ‘istay ofyay eethay, eetsway andlay ofyay ibertylay, ofyay eethay Iyay ingsay.

Andlay erewhay ymay athersfay iedday, andlay ofyay ethay Ilgrim’spay idepray,

Omfray everyyay ountainsidemay, etlay eedomfray ingray!

Andyay ifyay Americayay isyay otay ebay ayay eatgray ationnay, isthay ustmay ecomebay uetray.

Andyay osay etlay eedomfray ingray omfray ethay odigiouspray illtopshay ofyay Ewnay Ampshirehay.

Etlay eedomfray ingray omfray ethay ightymay ountainsmay ofyay Ewnay Yorkay.

Etlay eedomfray ingray omfray ethay eighteninghay Allegheniesyay ofyay Ennsylvaniapay.

Etlay eedomfray ingray omfray ethay ow-cappedsnay Ockiesray ofyay Oloradocay.

Etlay eedomfray ingray omfray ethay urvaceouscay opesslay ofyay Aliforniacay.

Utbay otnay onlyyay atthay:

Etlay eedomfray ingray omfray Onestay Ountainmay ofyay Eorgiagay.

Etlay eedomfray ingray omfray Ookoutlay Ountainmay ofyay Ennesseetay.

Etlay eedomfray ingray omfray everyyay illhay andyay olehillmay ofyay Ississippimay.

Omfray everyyay ountainsidemay, etlay eedomfray ingray.

Andyay enwhay isthay appenshay, andyay enwhay eway allowyay eedomfray ingray, enwhay eway etlay ityay ingray omfray everyyay illagevay andyay everyyay amlethay, omfray everyyay atestay andyay everyyay itycay, eway illway ebay ableyay otay eedspay upyay atthay ayday enwhay allyay ofyay Od’sgay ildrenchay, ackblay enmay andyay itewhay enmay, Ewsjay andyay Entilesgay, Otestantspray andyay Atholicscay, illway ebay ableyay otay oinjay andshay andyay ingsay inyay ethay ordsway ofyay ethay oldyay Egronay iritualspay:

Eefray atyay astlay! Eefray atyay astlay!

Ankthay Odgay Almightyyay, eway areyay eefray atyay astlay!

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence – in Jive

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States, a founding father of the country, and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, one of the most important documents in our nation’s brief but inspiring history.

But as my mind is prone to wandering, I often wonder what the Declaration might have looked like if Thomas Jefferson spoke Jive.

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. 

De unanimous Declarashun uh de dirteen united States uh America, 

When in de Course uh human events, it becomes necessary fo’ one sucka’s t’dissolve da damn political bands which gots connected dem wid anoder, and t’assume among de powers uh de eard, de separate and equal stashun t’which de Laws uh Nature and uh Nature’s God entitle dem, some decent respect t’de opinions uh mankind requires dat dey should declare da damn causes which impel dem t’de separashun. 

We hold dese truds t’be self-evident, dat all dudes are created equal, dat dey is endowed by deir Creato’ wid certain unalienable Rights, dat among dese is Life, Liberty and da damn pursuit uh Happiness.–Dat t’secure dese rights, Guv’ments is instituted among Men, derivin’ deir plum powers fum de consent uh de governed, –Dat wheneva’ any Fo’m uh Guv’ment becomes destructive uh dese ends, it be de Right uh de Sucka’s t’alta’ o’ t’abolish it, and t’institute new Guv’ment, layin’ its foundashun on such principles and o’ganizin’ its powers in such fo’m, as t’dem shall seem most likesly t’effect deir Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, gots’ta dictate dat Guv’ments long established should not be changed fo’ light and transient causes; and acco’din’ly all ‘espuh’ience had shewn, dat mankind is mo’e disposed t’suffer, while evils is sufferable, dan t’right demselves by abolishin’ de fo’ms t’which dey is accustomed. But when some long train uh abuses and usurpashuns, pursuin’ invariably de same Object evinces some design t’reduce dem unda’ absolute Despotism, it be deir right, it be deir duty, t’drow off such Guv’ment, and t’provide new Guards fo’ deir future security. Slap mah fro!–Such gots been de patient sufferance uh dese Colonies; and such be now de necessity which constrains dem t’alta’ deir fo’ma’ Systems uh Guv’ment. De histo’y uh de present Kin’ uh Great Britain be a histo’y uh repeated injuries and usurpashuns, all havin’ in direct object da damn establishment uh an absolute Tyranny upside dese States. To prove dis, let Facts be submitted t’a kindun did wo’ld. 

He gots refused his Assent t’Laws, de most wholesome and necessary fo’ de public baaaad. 
He gots fo’bidden his Governo’s t’pass Laws uh immediate and pressin’ impo’tance, unless suspended in deir opuh’shun till his Assent should be obtained; and when so’s suspended, he gots utterly neglected t’attend t’dem. WORD! 
He gots refused t’pass oda’ Laws fo’ de accommodashun uh large districts uh sucka’s, unless dose sucka’s would relinquish de right uh Representashun in de Legislature, some right inestimable t’dem and fo’midable t’tyrants only. Slap mah fro! 
He gots called togeda’ legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfo’table, and distant fum de deposito’y uh deir public Reco’ds, fo’ de sole purpose uh fatiguin’ dem into compliance wid his measho’ mans. 
He gots dissolved Representative Cribs repeatedly, fo’ opposin’ wid manly firmness his invasions on de rights uh de sucka’s. 
He gots refused fo’ some long time, afta’ such dissolushuns, t’cause oders t’be elected; whereby de Legislative powers, incapable uh Annihilashun, gots returned t’de Sucka’s at large fo’ deir ‘esercise; de State remainin’ in de mean time ‘esposed t’all de dangers uh invasion fum widout, and convulsions widin. ‘S coo’, bro. 
He gots endeavoured t’prevent da damn populashun uh dese States; fo’ dat purpose obstructin’ de Laws fo’ Naturalizashun uh Fo’eigners; refusin’ t’pass oders t’encourage deir migrashuns hider, and raisin’ de condishuns uh new Appropriashuns uh Lands. 
He gots obstructed da damn Administrashun uh Justice, by refusin’ his Assent t’Laws fo’ establishin’ Judiciary powers. 
He gots made Judges dependent on his Gots’ta alone, fo’ de tenure uh deir offices, and da damn amount and payment uh deir salaries. 
He gots erected some multitude uh New Offices, and sent hida’ swarms uh Officers t’harrass our sucka’s, and feed da bud out deir substance. 
He gots kep’ among us, in times uh peace, Standin’ Armies widout da damn Consent uh our legislatures. 
He gots affected t’renda’ de Military independent uh and supuh’io’ t’de Civil power. Ah be baaad… 
He gots combined wid oders t’subject us t’a jurisdicshun fo’eign t’our constitushun, and unacknowledged by our laws; givin’ his Assent t’deir Acts uh pretended Legislashun: 
Fo’ Quarterin’ large bodies uh armed troops among us: 
Fo’ protectin’ dem, by some mock Trial, fum punishment fo’ any Murders which dey should commit on de Inhabitants uh dese States: 
Fo’ cuttin’ off our Trade wid all parts uh de wo’ld: 
Fo’ imposin’ Taxes on us widout our Consent, dig dis: 
Fo’ deprivin’ us in many cases, uh de benefits uh Trial by Jury: 
Fo’ transpo’tin’ us beyond Seas t’be tried fo’ pretended offences 
Fo’ abolishin’ de free System uh English Laws in some neighbourin’ Province, establishin’ derein an Arbitrary guv’ment, and enlargin’ its Boundaries so’s as t’renda’ it at once an ‘esample and fit instrument fo’ introducin’ de same absolute rule into dese Colonies: 
Fo’ takin’ away our Charters, abolishin’ our most valuable Laws, and alterin’ fundamentally de Fo’ms uh our Guv’ments: 
Fo’ suspendin’ our own Legislatures, and declarin’ demselves invested wid powa’ to legislate fo’ us in all cases whutsoever. Ah be baaad… 
He gots abdicated Guv’ment here, by declarin’ us out uh his Protecshun and wagin’ War against us. 
He gots plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed da damn lives uh our sucka’s. 
He be at dis time transpo’tin’ large Armies uh fo’eign Mercenaries t’compleat da damn wo’ks uh dead, desolashun and tyranny, already begun wid circumstances uh Cruelty & puh’fidy scarcely paralleled in de most barbarous ages, and totally unwo’dy de Haid uh a civilized nashun. 
He gots constrained our dude Citizens snatchn Captive on de high Seas t’bear Arms against deir Country, t’become da damn execushuners uh deir homeys and Bredren, o’ t’fall demselves by deir Hands. 
He gots excited domestic insurrecshuns amongst us, and gots endeavoured t’brin’ on de inhabitants uh our frontiers, de merciless Indian Savages, whose knode rule uh warfare, be an undistin’uished destrucshun uh all ages, sexes and condishuns. 

In every stage uh dese Oppressions We gots Petishuned fo’ Redress in de most humble terms, dig dis: Our repeated Petishuns gots been answered only by repeated injury. Slap mah fro! A Prince whose characta’ is dus marked by every act which may define some Tyrant, be unfit t’be da damn rula’ of some free sucka’s. 

No’ gots We been wants’in’ in attenshuns t’our Brittish bredren. ‘S coo’, bro. We gots warned dem fum time t’time uh attempts by deir legislature t’extend an unwarrantable jurisdicshun upside us. We gots reminded dem uh de circumstances uh our emigrashun and settlement here. We gots appealed t’deir native justice and magnanimity, and we gots conjured dem by de ties uh our common kindred t’disavow dese usurpashuns, which, would inevitably interrupt our connecshuns and co’respondence. Dey too gots been deaf t’de voice uh justice and uh consanguinity. Slap mah fro! We must, derefo’e, acquiesce in de necessity, which denounces our Separashun, and hold dem, as we hold da damn rest uh mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Cuddies. 

We, derefo’e, de Representatives uh de united States uh America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealin’ t’de Supreme Judge uh de wo’ld fo’ de rectitude uh our intenshuns, do, in de Name, and by Audo’ity uh de baaaad Sucka’s uh dese Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, Dat dese United Colonies are, and uh Right ought t’be Free and Independent States; dat dey is Absolved fum all Allegiance t’de British Crown, and dat all political connecshun between dem and da damn State uh Great Britain, be and ought t’be totally dissolved; and dat as Free and Independent States, dey gots full Powa’ to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and t’do all oda’ Acts and Doodads which Independent States may uh right do. ‘S coo’, bro. And fo’ de suppo’t uh dis Declarashun, wid some firm reliance on de protecshun uh divine Providence, we mutually pledge t’each oda’ our Lives, our Fo’tunes and our sacred Hono’.


P.S. You can read a more thorough biography of Thomas Jefferson here. It makes no mention of Jive.


Cowboy Sunset

A Short History of Cowboy Boots

Cowboys herding cattle across U.S. territories after the American Civil War recognized they needed boots that were distinct from common boot fashions of their times. Neither war, buggy or field- style boots served well during long hours as riders navigated brambles and brush, creeks and rivers months.

Around 1870, or thereabouts, a lone cowboy inquired if riders could be given a pointy toe so he could slip his foot into a stirrup fast and took his war boots to a shoemaker. He also wanted a taller shaft that a larger, underslung treat when riding hard on the trail to keep his heel, and would protect his legs.

A knee-high design was cobbled together by the shoemaker, to shield its wearer’s legs from barbed wire, thorny mesquite trees, snakes, and other dangers. Long mule-eared straps were subsequently attached for pulling the boots on.

The tough leather of conventional “working cowboy” boots protected a rider’s ankles from otherwise-bruising wooden stirrups, and from the rubbing of legs against stirrup leather. Cowboy boots were stitched on the outside to prevent the leather from rubbing and buckling against a cowboy’s leg.

Under-slung heel of cowboy boots the trademark, serves to protect the cowboy, enabling him to dig his heels into the earth directing a horse in dangerous terrain or when grounding a calf. Additionally, it keeps the boot properly positioned in the stirrup, alleviating an ever present danger that existed for thousands of years before cowboy boots were born: the very real chance of being pulled to death by a spooked horse should a rider fall from his mount with a foot and boot caught on the wrong side of a stirrup!

The first pairs were for working purposes only. There was no “style.” Cowboy boots were viewed just as an advancement on a vital tool, designed to keep cowboys safe and as comfortable as possible during long, difficult months in sunlight and rain.

The ground-breaking new “no-style” design fast became part of a cowboy’s tool kit, as essential to him as his lasso, his rifle, his branding iron, his neckerchief, and his dollar knife.

Initially a cobbler who would measure a cowboy’s feet and make a pair of boots to fit cowboy boots individually made they. Mail order boot companies came years later.

Over time, cowboy boots became an important fashion statement as the standard brown or black stitching on the outside of the boot segued to more colorful stitching. Layouts and pictures began to be sewn into the boots and boot makers started experimenting with inlays and overlays. Across America, adroit boot designs appeared within a decade and began to intrigue the world. The designers recognized the better, if a cowboy boot could be made truly amazing!

Cowboy boots have been since the 1880’s on the mail order marketplace. In the early 1900’s, with railroads running faithfully between shores, and silent motion pictures spotlighting cowboys, cowboy boots’ popularity, manufacture and supply mushroomed.

Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to Cowboy Boots, they don’t merely come in regular old leather anymore. At this time, you can purchase a number of skins and styles according to where you live and what style you’re going for. These boots, they cowboy will last for a long time, can occasionally get expensive, so its important that you just take care of them – something you might not be used to with regular shoes. But for genuine and luxurious materials like leather, you’re definitely going to need and would like to take care and maintain the stuff so that cowboy keep fitting the manner you like them to and such that it continues quite a while. When leather gets wet it tends to either get extremely soggy or it gets really tight. So, make sure to follow together with the suggestions below to get value and the best worth out of your Cowboy Boots.

Ostrich Skin

These are available in particular Cowboy Boots stores, while they are not unbelievably popular. The very first thing you have to consider doing will be to remove any dust or dirt from the shoe. You can achieve it by purchasing yourself a boot brush to swipe away the debris carefully. Before you wear the shoe, you might also wish to consider spraying on a leather conditioner or in this case a reptile boot conditioner. Honestly it can be used by you on ostrich skin as well, although it says its for reptile skin. To really keep the boots in good condition make sure that you apply thin coatings of the conditioner to the boots on a regular basis.

Snake Skin

These are less unpopular than Ostrich (believe Crocodile Dundee!). First, like with the Ostrich boots, you should think about removing debris from your shoe before you actually do anything. No sense in conditioning Cowboy Boots which can be filthy because basically all you are doing is locking in the soil. Kind of defeats the intent folks! For real snake skin boots, you might also wipe with the grain using a damp fabric. After you remove the soil and debris, after that you can apply a thin coat of reptile conditioner to the boots using a clean soft cloth ensuring that it used the scales lay.

Cowhide and Buffalo Skin

These, in my opinion, are two of the skins that are most frequently used. The aren’t actually lavish per se, but they are really powerful as could be, they feel good on the boot and look, and they’re more affordable than something like gator, crocodile or snake skin cowboy boots. You are going to specifically use a leather conditioner, not a snake conditioner or anything like this, although usually, the skins are gone for by the exact same cleaning approaches above. Remove and dust with a brush or rag, clean with the leather conditioner, apply some natural shoe cream, then continue until a luster is obtained to brush the cowboy boots.