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Storm of Haiku

I love haiku. Even more, I love randomly generated haiku. Like the kind you can make with Python, a programming language that I am busy learning.

Check this out: Japanese researchers are making AI that can generate haiku just by analyzing images.

Here is some randomly generated haiku from Python, courtesy of the Buzzfeed Haiku Generator.

On Frame Journey From
Stealing The Packers Getting
Hit Your Heart Burst Así

People Not The Guys
The Unparalleled Joy To
Beautiful Brides Who

A 5th Grade Football
As Models And Honeymoon
Paid Homage To Them

Your Grandma Will Find
Most Explicit Children’s Book
About Canada

Cats It When Playing
With Marco Rubio’s Mormon
Basketball Changed Since

Dance For Finals Week
Who Wanted Fifteen Online
Fifteen Random Things

Photo Dave Brubeck
Take It Thirty-four Struggles
When Pinterest nos

Other A Delayed
By Pokémon Porn Searches That
Wasn’t How YouTube

And Beyond Is Yelp
Evil Prank Glenn Beck Loses
It s Christmas Eve

An NYC Train Raptors
With Awesome Real Places To
Modeling This Dad’s

What Will Read A Man’s
Poem About Each Of Wine
http t Out By Sharing

Put To Hug Bono
Was Spotted Around Her Brain
Atari Teenage

Kid Online The Chief
VIDEO Seventeen Veces
en Instagram está